BosworthI’m reading this months Harper’s Bazaar (sky miles!) and under the “Fabulous at Every Age” section, Kate Bosworth is pictured to represent the “20s” set. Clothes I can’t say I’d wear aside (the “30s” set is much more appealing–what gives, Glenda?)¬† I’m distracted by how thin Kate Bosworth looks. Still. I thought she gained? Anyway, I remembered the time I interviewed her at the Seventh on Sale event. She looked too thin there. I wanted to give her an opportunity to defend herself, so I asked in a very ‘hey girlfriend!’ sort of tone: “What is the DEAL with all this celebrity weight obsession crap? I think it’s ridiculous.” At that moment her publicist tried to shoo us away from each other. “Okay, okay,” she said. Kate said something like, “I think you just have to express yourself and be who you are.”

I wanted her to be all, “Omg I KNOW. Isn’t it ridiculous?! It’s like–there are wars in the world and people are dying and all the public cares about is how many carrot sticks I ate today!” She (and her publicist) are conditioned to hear the word “weight” and automatically jump on the defensive. But she’s not actually defending herself. She just sounds stock. I hate stock. She should, as Madonna taught us, Express Herself. I’m sure her eating disorder and her shitty stock answers¬† are products of not doing that.


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